I’ve Lost My Gear – Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday

I’ve lost my gear – in weight loss as of this week.

Biggest Loser Monday
As some of you know Season 8 last fall of The Biggest Loser really inspired me to start taking control of my weight issues so late last November I started really watching my intake and getting a little more exercise.   Throw in the mix that I’ve received immense support from a wide variety of wedding photographers, both local and nationally, from the Fast Track Photographera group hosted by Dane Sanders.  And if all this wasn’t enough the icing on this cake for change is the fact my friend and often second photographer, Dain Linder, not only being a good friend and excellent photographer, he also has a background in fitness and training and has helped me turn a morning in the gym into a regular routine.

While the small progress each week has been wonderful I was thrilled this week to reach a mini-milestone.

A few weeks back I posted an article on my gear bag and commented on how fully loaded it was about 50 pounds in weight.  Well this week my weight loss as exceeded (well exceeded actually) this number.   The reason this is such a great threshold is this weight loss is something tangible now.  When I have to carry that bag up the stairs I can remind myself that just a few months back I was carrying that much weight up the stairs when it was just me going up the stairs.

Airport Security 2.0

Airport Security 2.0


Use The Force Luke

Anybody who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows last week I had a pretty hair raising experience, well it would have been if I had that much hair anyways.

Last Thursday while driving down the road the steering wheel literally came off in my hand and I found myself going down the highway at 60-ish mph without any way to control the car.  Fortunatly the car just kept veering to the last direction I had pointed it, towards the right, and I was able to safely apply the brakes and the impact with the concrete barricades was pretty gentle.  Most of the damage was taken by one of the front wheels and the tire.

x2_b3b13aYup, that’s the steering wheel resting on the dash after I unplugged the air bag wires while waiting for a tow truck.

While it’s tempting to get real upset and blame someone, the car manufacturer, the last mechanic who serviced it, etc., I just am thrilled such an experience ended with no injuries (or worse).  We think we’ve ID’d what event probably started to loosen the bolt and it was just a one in a million chance that it led to this.  Fortanatly I figure the odds of safely pulling over a car on the highway without a steering wheel at about the same one in a million.  It could have been such a terrible event, but ended well – it’s hard not to be happy about that.

Besides I’ve got a great new Facebook avatar.


No, I didn’t remember to go get any lotto tickets that day.

On the flip side if your a gambling person and you want Denver’s Luckiest Wedding Photographer, well I just might be the photographer for you. 🙂


2010 looks to be an amazing year for us, we’re ahead on bookings and expect to hit the closing point much earlier this year since we do cap our total weddings.   June is almost full and July-September is looking great as well.  Add a few early and late weddings and things look good.  Don’t worry though if we’re booked for your wedding day I have a list of referrals to some of the best photographers in town.   We’ll take care of you one way or the other.


My wife and I are celebrating our 23rd anniversary this week.   Just another example of why I’m the luckiest guy around.

  • Mark you are so rad and a freaking inspiration! It was fabulous seeing you last night! Have a fabulous week my friend!

  • I am SO happy that you are becoming so successful! Yay for your safe arrival to the side of the road and Congrats to you and your beautiful wife. What a milestone!

    Love Samantha Wells

  • Ack, I give you props for not loosing your cool over this! Must be because of all of those weddings where you’ve had to keep your calm and get the shot!