Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 04-19-2010

Wedding season is finally just about here.    After having a great start to 2010 with a few weddings in January it’s been pretty quiet but that’s about to change.   Had a wedding last week, a few scheduled for May and then in June it get’s wild once again.   I love this time of year.

So what else has either been happening of late?


So far I LOVE my iPad.   I love it for email and twitter.   My portfolio looks wonderful on it, and I’ve even loaded a full wedding on it to show various aspects of a full day of shooting (like the “first look” session, formals, romantics, etc).   Have PDF versions of all my pricing loaded as well as sample contracts.    From a business perspective for me to have all that info with me in a format that I can easily view and share with clients is just wonderful.


For my health, fitness, and weight loss bug today marked my 90th trip to the gym in 2010.   I’m well on my way to having lost over 100 pounds from last year when the June wedding season rolls around.


Several of my friends and fellow photographers are once again this year launching the coolest high school senior photo session option ever with the Senior Rockstar Tour.

So while I still do a handful of senior sessions each year if the Senior Rockstar Tour fits within your budget and style I totally urge you to go for it.  I’ve seen some of the work from last year and know quite a few of the photographers putting this thing on, and frankly for the cost it’s a steal.


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  • Mark, you’re the best!! Thanks SO MUCH for your support of the tour! We really appreciate it!!