Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 05/03/10

Hello May……

Wedding season is starting to pick up speed. Before things get too crazy I’ll be devoting some time to some infrastructure type of things such as updating the website galleries.


Picking out images for some new display pieces for a new display opportunity I’m excited about. Don’t want too say too much but look for pictures and more details later this month.


I’m also working on a new portrait offering for couples that uses some of my favorite parts of my wedding photography. Hopefully I’ll have samples and more details later this month.


Biggest Loser Monday

Things are still going great. I’ll hit my 100th trip to the gym this year later this week and am rapidly approaching triple digits in weight loss.


We still have some open spots in the calendar for bookings. While June is fully booked there is room for 1-2 weddings each month for the rest of the season.