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Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 05/17/10

Sorry this post is a little late in the day, been busy editing images from the weekend while attending an amazing conference for photographers that is being streamed online for those unable to attend in person. It’s such an amazing world we live in when I can work on a clients photos while listening to some of who I consider to be amazing photographers and business people talk about the the industry I love so much.

So what is the 2-day photographer conference that has had me captivated today and where I plan to be tuning in tomorrow?

Escalate Live

May 17-18, 2010 – Newport Beach, California.
Escalate Live 2010 is a photography conference about bringing your vision into reality. This conference is for you if you are ready to change how you approach your photography business. Join us in person at the event or watch us streamed live on the Web if you can’t make it. Are you ready stand up? Are you ready to stand out?

Photographers – if you missed today you will be able to see a video on demand version for a small fee, well worth the price in my opinion.

The list of speakers includes:

David Jay
Jasmine Star
Jerry Ghionis
Jessica Claire
Jeremy Cowart
Julieanne Kost (Photoshop Digital Imaging Evangelist)

And a photographer who has had a huge impact on my life since spending a few days with him in a training in December,
Dane Sanders.

With a lineup like this if I hadn’t had previous business and client commitments I’d be out there to be a part of it in person instead of just grateful I can stream it while editing.   But still I love the fact that I can still learn from all these amazing speakers while sitting at my editing workstation.


Another aspect of learning more (I hope I never stop learning new things) has been playing around with some “less than top of the line cameras”.  A few weeks ago I was up in Idaho Springs, Colorado with a dozen or so other photographers playing around with cameras known as Holga’s.   Very low quality plastic film cameras whose imperfections often create wonderful artistic effects.   I should have some prints back this week for scanning so hopefully I’ll be able to share results of that soon.

Another of these is a little thing called that hipstermatic that Denver Photographer Jensen Sutta shared with me recently at a local photographers get together.

I was up at Dunafon Castle an hour or so early for a small wedding last Friday so it seemed like the perfect time to fire up the hipstermatic and play in the rain.

Probably not going to use this to shoot a wedding anytime soon but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the hipstermatic and Holga capture a few images on some upcoming wedding.


Dunafon Castle always reminds me of a little piece of Ireland or Scotland stuck in the middle of Colorado, and I think a spring rain just enhances that feeling.   Arriving well before my clients on Friday just allowed me to wonder the grounds for a bit, listening and smelling the rain and starting to make plans for my next big vacation to Ireland.


Eventually the quiet solitude of just me and the rain did come to an end and it was time to photograph Paul and Andrea’s wedding.   A full blog post will be coming soon but here’s a quick peek with one of my favorites.


This last weekend I also got the chance to shoot a wonderful engagement session with Kelle and Mark.   Kelle and Mark commissioned me to photograph their upcoming wedding later this summer, another Dunafon Castle Wedding.   I always offer my wedding clients an engagement session, but in all honesty the reasons I do this are a little selfish.   Yes it’s a great chance to get some wonderful photos, but for me it’s also a great chance to get to know the couple better and let them get to know me better.   On their wedding day I’m going to be there for everything and if the couple knows me and is at ease with me then it’s like a friend with really great camera gear showing up, and the pictures will always be much more relaxed, which will make them better.  So the time I spend on an engagement session is just an investment in making those wedding photos just a little bit better, and I get to know some amazing people in the process.

Here’s a sneak peek from their e-session.


Biggest Loser Monday

The last several months have been filled with a lot of sweat, hard work, and tough choices.   Along the way I’ve gained some amazing support from friends and fellow photographers, both locally and nationally.   Today I broke through a goal that I’ve been looking forward to for some time, Triple Digit Monday.   As of today I celebrated my 110th trip to the gym this year and my weight loss has now exceeded 100 pounds lost.

If you’re curious about the story, like how Dane Sanders had a conversation (from the above mentioned Escalate Live conference) with me last year in a room full of photographers about my weight struggles and how to use some of the ideas he was sharing to use the same passion I have for my wedding photography and use that level of passion and dedication to attacking my weight issues and vastly improving not only my business, but my life, or how my favorite second shooter Dain Linder (LOL, I have a lot of great Dane/Dain’s in my life I guess)  has not only become a closer friend but my trainer and coach, then swing by my other blog and start at the beginning.

It doesn’t pull any punches and is often painfully open and honest.   But I hope the story will inspire others who are facing a similar journey, be it with weight or some other issue that can only be dealt with by attacking it with every once of dedication you have.

Until next time,

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