Holga Gallery Event Recap

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining other Colorado Professional Photographers who got together for a Holga workshop instructed by Andy and Angie of A&A Photography here in Denver.

The Holga camera is a cheap medium format 120 film camera made in China.  The simple plastic construction and lens yields pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks and other distortions which have become popular for the use in fine art work – the imperfections tend to create a surreal and artistic image contrasting greatly with the tack sharp and near perfect digital images we’ve come to expect from cameras this last decade.

Once everyone got their film developed and selections made for enlargements a gallery opening was held at the Eliot Street Collective, a multi-use studio space that is available for business, education and private rental.

Here’s the matted and framed prints I had on display and some scans of a few other images.   My scanner is mostly used for contracts these days so it’s a little rough around the edges, but so is the Holga.

Holga Display

For myself the highlight of the event wasn’t seen my work on display in a gallery opening, or selling a print for charity, but rather winning another photographers print during the raffle.   Shannon Kaple of Center Avenue Imaging had along with a few other photographers (myself included)  agreed to allow raffle winners to select a print that was unsold with the proceeds of the raffle going to Eliot Street Collective for donating the space for the event.

While Shannon had some wonderful fine art prints on display, it was the simple print of the waterfall and wheel in Idaho Springs that I selected when I won an image in the raffle, liking her capture of the scene even better than my own posted above.   Idaho Springs was the first place my wife and I lived when we first got together, and this image reminded us of those days falling in love so long ago.   The image now is on display in our home.   Even for decorating our own home it’s the images that touch the heart that means the most to us.   Thank you Shannon for capturing such a wonderful shot and your generosity in donating the work to the raffle.

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