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I’ve Been “Bridalized”

It’s with great pleasure and honor that I announce that Mark Hayes Photography has joined up with one of Denver’s best and most unique wedding planning boutique’s, Bridalize. Bridalize describes itself as “a unique planning boutique and web destination where brides research and meet an exclusive collection of Colorado’s top wedding vendors. With BRIDALIZE, brides…

  • Congrats, Mark! Jessica and everyone at Bridalize are great!

  • Mark, that location is amazing…! OMG, congrats…! I’m sure you’ll be booking more weddings than ever before..! Congrats again, brother…! 🙂


Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 06-07-2010

************************************* Well like many an Apple geek I’ll be anxiously looking for news from Apple’s WWDC10 (Developer Conference) and the kynote to see if Steve Jobs will be announcing the next generation of iPhone.   I’m still running my first gen iPhone and it’s time for an update having skipped the 3G version in order…

  • That is so true about your weight loss. Cameo didn’t recognize you at all. After we met with you she said to me that you looked great. Keep it up, people are noticing and getting inspired by you.

    Can’t wait for you to photograph our wedding. We are both super excited!


  • Kristan Corl

    I’m just curious on how did you get into this type of photography and how did you become known or make your own company out of it? Did you go to school? For how long? How long have you been doing this and how did it interest you? I’m interested in going into the field but I dunno where to start.

Mark & Kelle Engagement Photos

There’s a lot of fun ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, but kicking around town with two awesome clients like Mark and Kelle ranks up there pretty high.   For me it’s just a huge benefit to invest this time with the couple before the wedding, get to know them better as they get to…

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  • Super amazing photos, Mark..! As usual, I love your work and couples are lucky to have you there, shooting beautiful photos..! 🙂