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Mark & Kelle Engagement Photos

There’s a lot of fun ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, but kicking around town with two awesome clients like Mark and Kelle ranks up there pretty high.   For me it’s just a huge benefit to invest this time with the couple before the wedding, get to know them better as they get to know me.   It always seems to make the final wedding images more natural which I love.

Of course working with Mark and Kelle, both of whom seem to have no shyness around a camera and just a touch of a flair for the dramatic makes it that much easier.

We started off the day wondering the gardens, though early in the season for flowers there was still plenty of things to look at and photograph these two wonderful people with.

Then a quick change and over to Denver’s Brown Palace for some more fancy photos.

Colorado Engagement Photos

Colorado Engagement Photos

Colorado Engagement Photos

Denver Engagement Photos

From the Brown Palace there was one more stop for the day, up into the foothills for a nice hike to find a spot where we could photograph their wedding venue, Dunafon Castle, in the background.

I dare say we had to be the best dressed hikers on the trail that day.

Colorado Engagement Photos

Colorado Engagement Photography

Colorado Engagement Photographer

Colorado Engagement Photos

Colorado Engagement Photos

Won’t be long before we’re back up here at the castle but this time with all the guests and trimmings for a wonderful wedding.

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  • Super amazing photos, Mark..! As usual, I love your work and couples are lucky to have you there, shooting beautiful photos..! 🙂