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Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 06-07-2010


Well like many an Apple geek I’ll be anxiously looking for news from Apple’s WWDC10 (Developer Conference) and the kynote to see if Steve Jobs will be announcing the next generation of iPhone.   I’m still running my first gen iPhone and it’s time for an update having skipped the 3G version in order to get an iPad instead.


The June wedding season has hit and my next weekend day off will be the holiday weekend in July that I’ve kept open to spend with family.    Looking at the calendar it’s going to be a great season and am looking to book 3 more weddings for 2010 before closing the calendar for the year and focusing on 2011 booking dates.


Stay Tuned later this week for a health and fitness series on weight management and the wedding professional.   Eating right isn’t always the easiest thing when you work 12 hour Saturdays and nothing is available but fast food and I’ll be looking at what I did in years past and then looking at what my plans for this year are.


Speaking of weight management right now I’m really enjoying these meetings with my June brides and grooms who have not seen me since they booked and their engagement session last year.  A 100+ pound weight loss since that time makes it hard for some of them to even recognize me at first. 🙂



A while back I mentioned the Holga workshop I attended that was led by Angie and Andy Wood of A&A Photography and I’m pleased to see that these two wonderful teachers are expanding the teaching and workshop side of their business under the name of Woodshop.

One of the most exciting offerings they have is the one and two day custom classes.   You select the subjects to be covered and they tweak the class for you.   They also offer options to have 2 people from your studio attend – perfect for husband and wife teams or studios where you always use the same second shooter or want your office assistant to learn more on blogging while you learn more about exterior flash use.


  • That is so true about your weight loss. Cameo didn’t recognize you at all. After we met with you she said to me that you looked great. Keep it up, people are noticing and getting inspired by you.

    Can’t wait for you to photograph our wedding. We are both super excited!


  • Kristan Corl

    I’m just curious on how did you get into this type of photography and how did you become known or make your own company out of it? Did you go to school? For how long? How long have you been doing this and how did it interest you? I’m interested in going into the field but I dunno where to start.