Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday August 16th 2010

If I get this post in before midnight it still counts as Monday right? 🙂

I had the pleasure of having lunch with some friends I’d never met before this week.
Shannon and David of Ohio wedding photographers, Locke-Innovations photography was in town visiting family and we got together for lunch down by my office at Bridalize.    I know the pair through my association with the Fast Track Photographers group hosted by Dane Sanders and they are among my many supporters in that group for my weight loss efforts.

In this day of online everything it’s kinda strange having such great friends and having never met.  I was glad to change that with these two at least.   Looking forward to meeting more of the FTP crowd as well.


This last week Mile High Photographers hosted an “Album Showcase”.  For me it was a wonderful chance to sit down with a dozen or so album and book manufacturers to see what products I might want to bring into the company in the future.   While everything really looked amazing I did manage to pick out two additions for next years catalog.

While I love my studio albums it’s geared towards the client who doesn’t need a lot of options, just great quality for an affordable price.   But still some people want all the bells and whistles with several cover options besides leather, cover imprinting, etc.   For those client the new prestige album line will be the way to go.   A little more expensive than the regular studio albums, but with just about every option you might wish to make your album something special.

Also joining the lineup will be a new art book that uses an art watercolor paper for pages very similar to what I use on my art prints.   Cost is less than the studio albums, on par with the linen cover books I offer, and they will be the new “guest sign in books” since the art paper can be written on with most any normal pen unlike the previous ones that needed special pens to write on the photo-paper and not smudge.   The first of these is already on order and I’ll post some images once it arrives.

The group also had some guest speakers this time around.

Andy and Angie Woods of A&A Photography gave a great talk on identifying who you are as a photographer.   What I wouldn’t have given to have heard that talk my first year in business, might have saved me a year trying to figure out where I wanted to focus my attention.

One of the album companies, Leather Craftsmen, also had wedding and portrait photographer Ross Benton of Studio Benton of San Antonio Texas out to talk about album design.  While much of his talk was on things I already knew I must admit I learned a few workflow tips I’ve already put into use to enhance the design process.

Couture books was also present and here’s a little video I shot of the new hard cover option to my favorite album of there, the Himalayan.