48 in 48 Project – Denver Photo Shoot Round One

A friend of mine, Kelsey Bigelow, has come up with an awesome project as she graduates from college, take a massive road trip. She plans on visiting all 48 continental states and make it a fundraising project for clean water.  As so the 48 in 48 Project was born.

Starting in January 2011 Kelsey will be heading out in an RV to visit 48 states in 48 weeks. During that time she plans on stopping in 53 cities and organizing portfolio building photo shoots with new photographers, students, and local established professionals. Money raised by these shoots will go to Thirst Relief International to aid in the building and repairing of clean water wells. As a side effect she gets to help connect a lot of photographers and build a stronger community of sharing and support amongst photographers across the country.

So when Kelsey asked me if I’d be willing to help out the project by being a group leader and helping teach during a trial run of a photo shoot here in Denver how could I say no.

Now the day didn’t go 100% as planned of course.   Our plans to meet up at Civic Center park where pretty much obliterated when it was found there was a massive festival being held there that day.   Wall to wall people, blocked off access, and very limited parking.

So we did what any wedding photographer would do – we made it work somehow.   We gathered at the Art Museum and made that our base of operations.   I fear we lost several would be students to the festival but those that did show just got that much more camera time.

Besides myself another friend of mine, Erin Cady of Art and Soul Photography was there to tech and we had Maegon’s Makeup and Miss Kitty Mae’s Millinery there for some amazing veils.

So we’re hoping to get another Denver photo shoot setup in October.   I’ll post back with details as they become available.

For my shots from the shoot out, I must admit things like this I love as they allow me to try new stuff and do some more drastic editing that I would for a typical wedding shoot.

Here’s a little shot of me doing my thing at the shoot.

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