Cary and Cassie’s Colorado Photojournalistic DIY wedding

Wedding Photojournalism.   Capturing the moments and telling the story.   This is what I, and hopefully my clients, think I do best of all.  Sure I can pose an amazing romantic portrait of the bride and groom.  I can line family members up into roughly a straight line and snap enough shots to ensure at least one has most everyones eyes open.  But telling the story as it happens is what I do best and enjoy the most.  Most of my clients these days get that and appreciate it.  It’s why they book with me in the first place.

But sometimes you find a client who “gets it” so well that they push you to take it to the next level.

You might remember Cary and Cassie from their Pool Hall Engagement Session a few weeks back.   Well their wedding coverage would be equally as unusual and interesting.   See Cary and Cassie didn’t want just mostly photojournalist coverage, they wanted entirely photojournalist coverage.   No posed romantic pictures.  No posed wedding party pictures.   No posed family shots.

To help us out after the ceremony and during the cocktail hour they had the wedding party and close family mingle with them in a separate area.  Photos of the two of them laughing and spending time with those that mattered most in their lives would be their family photos.  Their wedding party photos.

Instead of posed romantic shots with the two of them around sunset they went for a walk to an abandoned building on the property and had my and my associate, Dain of Photography by Dain, follow along.   The fading light over the mountains and fields was amazing and I don’t think I could have posed anything more beautiful then them walking together, sharing their first sunset as husband and wife.

Cary and Cassie, thank you.   Thank you for pushing us to be the best we could be at what we do.   Thank you for believing in us to do this for you.   Thank you for simply being who you are.