Mark’s Miscellanies Monday

Despite being the end of the year this has been a crazy hectic month between the fast approaching holidays and the fact that we had two big weddings this month.

Digitally Painted Canvas art print

I have a new piece of wall art that will be going on display up at Dunafon Castle.   This is a large canvas gallery wrap that has been “digitally painted” to better suit the decorations in the room it will be going into.   The mounting frame makes it a wonderful and elegant glimpse of the beauty that comes from weddings at the castle.

Currently it’s hanging on my wall above the fireplace until it finds it’s new home at the castle.   I’m also planning on bringing a non-framed version to Bridalize to display with more of my work.


First of all he of course is the star of this years holiday cards for my family.

The little guy also makes a great test subject will playing with new off camera flash toys.

He has had a haircut since these shots – the little guy was starting to resemble  Fizzgig from “The Dark Crystal” just a wee bit too much.

With the last wedding wrapped up for this year it’s also time to take a lot of stuff out of the closet and to Goodwill.    Only downside of getting in much better shape over this last year has been the constant replacement of the wardrobe along with the updating of about me pictures so people will recognize me when we meet in person. 🙂