Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 2011-02-07

Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how hectic the off season can be.   Between art photo shoots, working on last years wedding clients albums, setting up new blogs, hitting the gym 6 days a week, and getting price lists and printed materials ready for this year, putting together the studio wish list for equipment purchases – seems there’s not a lot of time to remember to update my main blog.


Equipment Wish List for 2011

Thinking I’m kinda lucky this year and the equipment wish list isn’t that big, but it is pricey.

Lenses –

2 on the list this year.   The 50mm F1.2L and the 135 mm F2.0L
I’ve been a sucker for primes the last few years and both of these are awesome.   Being a member of Canon Professional Services they loan me out gear on request for testing – problem is once you’ve shot with these it’s hard to go back to what you currently have in your bad when you have to return the loaner.
Of course for those thinking I’m getting off cheap, the combined total of those two lenses is over $2500.


Well while I’d love one of the Canon 1 series of bodies I don’t need it for what I do and the 5dmkII, 5d, and 7d combos are working really well for me.   I expect by the end of the year there might be news on a 5kmkIII so we’ll see about that next year maybe.

I am planning on having my 4th backup camera converted to full time infra-red use.   It’s a Canon Rebel XSI I bought on sale a few years back just for another emergency backup camera.   Hardly been used, lots of life in the shutter left, it will make a great full time IR conversion camera.

If you’re interested in what IR photography looks like check out this gallery link – mostly I’ll be using it for IR B&W photography for my fine art work as well as weddings.

Now I do plan on buying at least 1 camera body this year, but I’m breaking tradition and going with a non-Canon camera – and no it’s not a Nikon either.

I’m looking at the Fuji Finepix X100.   I’ll be honest mostly I’ve just fallen totally in love with the retro looks, metal knobs, and the way it reminds me of the camera I learned photography on (A Canon 7 rangefinder).

A few other things I love about this camera is it’s reportedly whisper quiet, uses a non SLR style shutter so can flash sync at speeds far beyond anything I can do with my Canon gear, and should have great low light performance.

While it’s style looks like an old rangefinder it isn’t a true rangefinder and still uses a contrast based auto focus system.

Plan on using this for some B&W street photography as well as reception work at weddings.

You can see the resemblance to the old style Canon 7 I borrowed as a teenager.   I’ll be honest I sometimes miss the rangefinder style manual focus compared to trying to manual focus todays dSLR’s.

Considering what these camera built in the 1960’s still go for today on Ebay if in really good shape I kinda wish I still had this.

Of course if I’m going to drop the change on a film rangefinder I’d probably save the pennies for a long time and go with either a Leica M6 or an older M4p.   Still running several thousand dollars these are really the pinnacle of rangefinder film cameras.

As for a digital camera that is still a true rangefinder, sure Leica makes one, the M9.   Problem is these still run about $6k.   That’s an awful lot of bragging rights, but if I had the change lying around, and a few extra thousand to get a really good lens, yeah I’d probably take this over the Fuji X100 any day of the week.   But at about 1/10th the cost of the M9 and a really good lens I think the X100 is enough of a splurge for me this year.

Someday – maybe if I hit the lottery.


A few weeks ago I was asked by a client if I shot anything besides weddings.   It kinda took be by surprise – mostly because I can’t imagine a photographer who treats photography like so much of a job the ONLY shoot what they get paid well for.   Like many – maybe even most – professional photographers, photography was my passion long before it became a way to make a living.   I’d be shooting all the time no matter what I was doing for a living I think.

Some recent work includes:

Some work on various Denver area models portfolios:

Some fashion work for “For the Perfect You Apparel” and yes the paparazzi shot was inspired by watching Zack Arias shoot out last year.

A few shoots for jchans designs – I love working with Jessica’s stuff – it’s always a bit of fashion and a lot of art.

and of course just a few shoots just to create something new.

and the violin shot was TOTALLY inspired by the amazing Trans Siberian Orchestra concert I went to last December.

So year it’s been busy.