Friday Favorites – Pool Hall Engagement Photos in Denver

A pair of photos from one of my favorite engagement sessions ever.   I always enjoy engagement sessions much more if the couple brings either some part of their wedding day plans, or, some part of their life together into the engagement session to make it more unique to them instead of just a portrait session.

For this couple the took their love for photojournalism style photography and the fact they met playing pool and came up with this.   The night was spent just documenting them hanging out together, enjoying each others company just as they did when they first met.

For me I love the challenge – the entire session was done in black and white, no flash and just 1 lens.

Denver Wedding Photographer Mark Hayes

I loved this session so much we made a slideshow of it and put it on youtube.

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  • wow..these sample pictures are amazingly cute..these photos are a total remebrance.

    the way the shots look, this is a work of look of it and it catches all your attetion.