Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday – Let’s give them something to talk about

While I write about myself all the time I must admit it’s sometimes weird to see other people writing about me, but that’s happened a couple of times lately.


Bridalize, one of Denver’s best wedding boutique’s, saw my post recently about ranking in the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and made mention of it on their blog.   Thank you Jessica and Lindsay for all you guys do.


If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you know I mean it when I say I’m not the same person I was when I started shooting weddings.   Up until the end of the wedding season in 2009 I had a huge (no pun intended) weight problem – I was well over 400 pounds at the time, but have lost over 170 pounds since then.  I talk about this journey quite a bit over at my fitness blog, Mark’s Long Road.

One of the things that gave me a huge amount of support and really fire up my determination was the friendship and support I received from a group of photographers at a seminar by friend and famed California wedding photographer and author Dane Sanders.   The people who attend these workshops call themselves the fasttrackers – and they’ve just been a wonderful support group during this journey.

One of these friends and supporters is an amazing wedding and portrait photographer from Indiana, Gail Werner of Gail Werner Photography.   Gail recently share some of my story (with my permission that she asked for first) on her blog.   It was wonderful remembering that day through the eyes of someone who was there.   You can read Gails thoughts on that day here.

Gail, I’m truly honored to have found such a wonderful friend as you.


A while back I mentioned the Fujifilm X100 camera that is coming out later this summer.   The guys over at DigitalRev did a wonderful review of the camera on youtube – the streets of Hong Kong look like such an amazing place for doing some street photography with a new piece of equipment.


Wedding Photographer Ian Wilkinson who got ahold of a copy of the X100 already did a little review over on Enticing the Light – what I like about this review is it shows more how I might use the camera in a wedding as opposed to just playing with it, which I’d do not shortage of as well.


Hang in there and later this week I’ll tell you how you could win your own copy of the X100

  • Mark,
    First off, that shot of the little boys on Bridalize? ADORABLE!

    Second, I am so incredibly inspired by you — what you have done since our Road Show is REMARKABLE! And I hope you love seeing everybody leave such awesome comments as much as I do! To be an inspiration both as a photographer and as someone who’s made a major life change? GOOD FOR YOU FRIEND!!!

  • Congrats Mark, that’s amazing!