Creative Engagement Photography

As an award winning member of the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists Association I do like to get creative from time to time.   Now most of my wedding photos are pretty straight up with minimal “photoshop special effects”.   Lets face it, nobody wants their wedding photos to look dated and tacky 20 years from now.   So while I tend to avoid yellowing and texturing wedding photos – engagement sessions are occasionally great times to play with whatever the current trends are.

This photo received a touch of a color shift and a texture treatment to make it a bit more of a fine art piece than just a photograph.

Denver Engagement Photos

During the next few months of slow time before the wedding season kicks into gear I’m going to be knocking $100 off my normally priced engagement sessions that are booked and scheduled between now and the end of May.   If you’re interested just hit the contact button to get in touch.