Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday – Featured on Animoto

It’s been a hectic few weeks getting ready for wedding season but things are coming together and I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running with our June weddings.

Speaking of running – that’s something I’ve been doing a lot more of lately.   It’s funny a year ago I thought I’d never be a “runner” now I hit 5k, heck sometimes 5 miles, several times each week.  Of course that has been a huge help in my weight loss as well.

Recently a wonderful company I work with, Animoto – they produce the amazing video slideshows I show on my blog and give to clients – featured me on their blog.   Seems a few weeks back they caught one of my friend Dane Sanders blog posts about me and checked out my weight loss site, Mark’s Long Road.   Seeing I was a client of their’s they sent me a few t-shirts for the gym, and I sent them a picture back as thanks, which they used in the blog article.

Here’s the photo and the link to the wonderful article they wrote.