Heather and Josh’s Dunafon Castle Wedding

I knew from the first time I sat down to talk with Heather about her big day last year that this wedding would be amazing.   It wasn’t her choice of venue, although Dunafon Castle is my favorite, or the amazing details she had planned.   No, what would make this one amazing is the people and their passion for their friends and family.   For a photographer who makes a living capturing moments of emotional impact, this is the type of wedding that we love to shoot the most.

On the appointed day myself and my associate Dain of Photography by Dain found everything underway at the castle.

Colorado Castle Wedding

Of course no matter how much time you think you have getting ready turned into walking down the isle in a flash.

Denver Wedding Photography

I’m often struck by the intensity of the gazes between a couple while exchanging their vows.   So much is contained in those eyes, even when pressed shut.   Of course not everyone is as captivated by the emotion of a ceremony as I am as can be seen by the napping ring bearer.

Colorado Wedding PhotographyAfter the ceremony a quick bustle adjustment on the dress.

BrideThe a quick stroll around the property after the family pictures.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the grooms cake it says The UM.  Josh does vocals and guitar for the local band UMCONSCIOUS.

Dunafon CastleI mentioned earlier the passion this couple had for their family and friends and it really showed throughout the day.   Toasts where a non-stop mix of wiping away an emotional tear and heartfelt laughter.

While the first dance started off nice and slow it soon erupted into a wonderful high energy routine.

Denver Wedding PhotographyNow of course seeing how Josh the groom is a singer, songwriter and musician it wasn’t a huge surprise that he took the stage with fellow band members from UMCONSCIOUS and the wonderful song he wrote for and sang to Heather was amazing.

Of course then when the DJ had the groom and groomsman do a little sing off I thought they had it locked up, well at least until Heather and the bridesmaids got up there and showed that not all the stage presence belonged to just the groom in this relationship.

Wedding Reception

Heather and Josh – thank you for the honor of letting us be a part of this day.   It was a great experience to be there and capture those precious moments for you.

Denver Wedding Photographer

The other amazing people and companies that worked hard to make this such an amazing day for Heather and Josh.

Venue:  Dunafon Castle

Catering: The Culinary Group Caterers
The don’t seem to have a website that I can find on Google  (hello – it’s 2011 people)  but here’s a link to their entry on City Search with contact info.

Flowers: Parker Blooms

DJ: Jackman Brothers

String Quartet: A Touch of Class Music

Videographer: Mowry Productions

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

and of course it wouldn’t be a complete real wedding post without a little slideshow video action now would it.

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