Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 07-25-2011

It’s been a while so I’m going to jump all over the place here for this one.

Why do people say “Real Weddings”

I used to wonder about this until I started noticing a lot of photographers and wedding sites showing images that clearly where not taken at a real wedding but rather a model at a staged shoot. Heck I’ve even been to some shoots in town with a bunch of fellow wedding photographers and have blogged about it in the past.

Now when you’re first starting out you get portfolio material anywhere you can. A couple of beautiful images can show that at least you know how to work your camera. But it might be a little misleading for potential clients to have those images up all over your website, studio walls, etc without at least mentioning somewhere that these are staged shots, be it in a blog post, etc. After years of commercial photography I can tell you it’s a lot easier to get a killer shot when you have all the time in the world to set it up and make subtle changes until it’s just perfect as compared to a typical wedding day.

So that’s why I think so many wedding blogs have started using the term “Real Weddings” and I’m going to start tagging all my main wedding blogs as such as well.

Bamboo Booth

I mentioned before at a recent event Bamboo Booth was there showing off their photo booth setup.   Photo booths come in a lot of different styles and flavors but they seem to be a great addition to a wedding if you’ve got a lively crowd.   People will get far goofier in front of a camera when there isn’t a photographer with their finger on the trigger it seems, even if the subjects are a pair of photographers as in this case with Erin Cady of Art and Soul photography.

life the universe and everything  Marks Miscellaneous Monday   07 25 2011

I’ve had a lot of clients ask if I offer a photo booth service as some other photographers do.  While between my computer technical skills and photo know-how I’m sure I could set something up, the truth is I don’t want to be your one stop shop for all things photographic.  I don’t do photo booths nor video services (despite the occasion clip in my slideshows).   I don’t want to be thinking about too many other things on my clients wedding day, I want to be watching and capturing the moments as their day unfolds.   It’s what I do and I do it rather well.   If I had to worry about some guest fiddling with my photo booth gear or trouble shooting it if it goes down, how many moments and stories that make up a wedding day have I missed.

When it comes to video services and photo booths I’m more than happy just to offer some great referrals.


I have space for less than 5 more weddings for 2011 before I cap it off and I’ve already started booking for 2012.   Don’t wait too long to book your photographer.   Most only book a single wedding a day, and depending up location and time of coverage I typically only book one per weekend.    There are only so many available dates on the calendar and if you wait too long you might find yourself crossing out a lot of the top photographers on your list when you find they are already booked up.


If anybody is wondering what to get me for my birthday this chess set would be perfect.

While of course being a Canon guy I’d play white most of the time most of the photographers who I work with shoot Nikon so there’d be no shortage of players I could find to play the black side.

At just over $150,000 for the complete set it’s a great deal and you even get a free T-shirt – seriously how awesome is that.

Just head over to for all the details and if you can’t get it in time for my birthday in October, well Christmas is just around the corner from that.