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Canon Professional Network – Jeff Ascough

There’s a few people who have inspired my outlook over wedding photography and style and I’d say next to Joe Buissink, Jeff Ascough has had the biggest impact on how I look at my own style and how it’s evolved over the years.   I found this video of Jeff’s that was done for the Canon Professional Network a few years back as the Canon 5D mkII came out.   I thought I’d share it since it just gives a nice bit of talk about how he approaches weddings and captures the day.

What I most enjoy about Jeff’s work is his black and whites and the fact he seldom if ever uses flash.   OK, I also like his kit which is very similar to my own, although he has one lens I don’t and I hear he’s moved on to the Canon 1D mk IV now for it’s better focusing speed and even better low light usability – although with a crop sensor he looses some of his wide angle so I don’t know how that works out for him.