Kasey and Nathan – Arvada Church Wedding

It’s always a special treat to be invited to share and capture such an important day in the lives of two people, even more so when they are as wonderful as Kasey and Nathan.

Getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception would all be at their family church, Shrine of St. Anne in old town Arvada, although after the ceremony we did steal the couple away to a local park for some portraits.

Colorado Church Wedding

  • Joe Doak

    Thank you for these great pictures. I hope that you can send some of the reception too as I’d like a picture of me, Nathan’s 89 years old grandfather, dancing with my great granddaugter, Evae,3 months old. She seemed so happy and enjoying the music and the dance.

    It was the first time that I’d been to a modern dance where the man does not hold his partner and the music and dance are so energetic and the ladies kick off their shoes to dance. But I learned fast and was soon doing the Macarane and all the other dances.

    Thank you again for the pictures.

    Joe Doak

  • Mark Hayes - Denver Wedding Photographer

    We absolutely got some of the shots you mentioned. Will be in touch with Kacey and Nathan this week to deliver the proofs and final edits. It was an amazing day and well reflected in the photos.