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Love and Trust – Todd and Kristin’s extreme engagement session

While most of my clients relationships involve some amount of trust, Todd and Kristin have taken this to the extreme level.   You’ve got to have total trust in your partner when you’re a few hundred feet up the side of a shear rock face and your life might well depend on that other person securing your rope correctly.

Besides being an activity both Todd and Kristin are passionate about, this is also how they first met.   Kristin was taking climbing lessons and Todd was her instructor.

It’s a little unusual for me to bring in my friend and associate photographer Dain on an engagement session, but this time clearly called for an exception due to the difficulty in getting shots from multiple angles.   In those shots looking down on the couple Todd had taken Dain up in advance and tied him off.  Did I mention I have a slight fear of heights??  Sometimes it’s good to be able to pass the glory shot off to someone else while I take the safer and firmly planted on the ground shot.  🙂

While their wedding next month might not be quite as adrenaline fueled I have no doubt it will still be an exciting and fantastic day.