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Free to Create – A Trash the Dress style Bridal Fashion Shoot

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to take part in a workshop up in north east Colorado around Sterling hosted by Scott Stebner of Stebner Photography.

The title of the workshop, Free to Create, was meant to push the participants out of the box a bit.   On hand would be an amazing location Scott had secured permission for us to visit, about 20 photographers, and 3 wonderful models to work with.

I decided to push myself a bit in two direction this day.

First – to experiment more with my recently modified infrared camera.   I wanted more experience on what to expect in different types of light and when using people as subjects instead of just scenics and buildings.

Second – to work more on off camera flash using some new and specialized radio remotes, Pocket Wizards.  Now I’d been using the Plus II Pocket Wizards in both the studio and at weddings for years but I had recently acquired a Mini TT1 and several Flex TT5 units.   While the new units offer E-TTL (i.e. fancy flash controls) through the units they have in truth been plagued with issue for the Canon system.   I’d recently picked up a few Canon flashes that where supposed to work perfectly with them but have found myself not willing to trust in them enough to pull them out at a wedding.   This workshop would be the perfect place to put them through some trial by fire usage.

The location was an abandoned factory that just screamed for a Trash the Dress style bridal fashion session.

Here’s a few looks at the location, first in infrared.

and in color.

Check back Monday and I’ll post a selection of the infrared model shots and discuss my thoughts of infrared B&W for this style of shoot.

In the meantime here’s a short video put together by Story Line Cinema who was documenting the event. Yes that’s my shiny dome at about the 4 second mark, not to mention a few of my shots towards the end of the video.

Free to Create Workshop 2011 from StoryLine Cinema LLC on Vimeo.