Free to Create – Infrared Bridal Fashion – Trash the Dress Shoot

So as I mentioned the other day in a previous post one of my goals for this “Free to Create” session was to get more comfortable using the newly converted infrared camera for some create portrait and fashion shots and just not scenics and buildings.

With the three brides coming in as models for the day I had a great chance to try the infrared both under outdoors in sun, shade and inside to see how the new sensor filter would react.

The best results where clearly from the outside shots, and those with more sunlight where much more striking than those in open shade.

Infrared Trash The Dress

Lisa with old truck in direct sun.

Infrared trash the dress

Lisa against building - open shade

Denver Trash the dress session

One thing you may have noticed is the eyes tend to go very dark, it’s a result of by comparison the skin reflects most infrared light where the eyes don’t.  This won’t be the best choice of cameras for tight portraits with the subject looking directly into the lens.

But a slight profile can be excellent.

Trash the Dress

Infrared Bridal Fashion

I love this set of images with Jodi in the workroom with the window light.   The slight toning of the image seems to work well with a lot of these shots as well.

Trash the Dress

One of my favorite infrared shots of the day was Jodi out front, the ivy on the walls is really standing out, a bit of sun flare, some toning and a whole lot of attitude.

Trash the Dress

Check back on Tuesday for some of the normal shots from the day.