Mari’s Kids

OK, I know my blog isn’t the first place you think of going when looking for childrens portraiture.   When I pick up a camera it’s usually either to document an amazing wedding to create some striking fashion inspired images, or to grab a snap of my dog Porthos.   But I always offer my photographic services to existing clients for just about any type of subject, and being a wedding photographer if things go well maternity, babies and eventually children’s pictures are just a part of that.

Mari however is a special case.  See Mari modeled for me a time or two back in the fashion shooting days and that first year of deciding weddings was my passion I was looking for clients to take a leap of faith that I could do an amazing job on their wedding, and Mari is one of two models getting married that summer that took that leap.   So yeah, for Mari I’ll hope to do their high school graduation pictures when the time comes just as a way to say thank you for taking that leap of faith.