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Infrared and Day trip to the mountains

As I’m previously mention I’ve recently had one of my backup cameras converted to full time infrared and I’ve still be putting it through its paces, seeing how it reacts in different circumstances.   I really wanted to see how it handled studio light, I was expecting it just to be a slightly different looking B&W without much of the infrared effect, but I’d need to test it to be sure.

So one of the nice things about being a photographer is having lots of friends who don’t mind finding themselves in front of the camera from time to time.   This time it was Stephanie Millonig of Aesthetic Nurse Specialists.  Aesthetic Nurse Specialists is a spa offering a wide variety of sking care, massage, and holistic services.   While I know Stephanie from my time in the fashion area her company also does bridal makeup and facials as well.

Since Stephanie also wanted some casual outdoors shots for her own use we split the day up into a few areas.   Infrared in the studio.  Infrared in the mountains.  Normal shots in the mountains.   To wrap up the day we also scouted out a few locations for some upcoming “Trash the Dress” styled shoots.

Stefi, thanks so much for the help and look forward to our next chance to work together.

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