End of Summer Luncheon – Perfect Wedding Guide

It’s funny in some ways.  I think I network all the time, only problem is most of the time it’s with other photographers.   Now while there’s nothing wrong with hanging out talking F-stops, ISO’s and off camera flash it probably is a good thing to attend a few other events from time to time.   So when the invite for the end of summer luncheon to be held out at the Wellshire Inn showed up in my inbox from the Perfect Wedding Guide not only did I not delete it right away, but I actually RSVP’d and attended.

I also made it a point to talk to non-phototgraphers.   Now of course I failed miserably at that part and ended up chatting with Sarah of Trulife Photography about lights, but you know that’s important stuff as well.  Besides I’m weak willed when it comes to talking tech and gear.

My biggest thanks goes to Lisa of It’s a Gift and Silpada.   Besides being great to just sit and talk to it was awesome to have someone to share some desert with so we could sample a few flavors of the wonderful wedding cake Das Meyer brought out.  While I’ve photographed quite a few Das Meyer cakes over the years at weddings, this was the first time I think I ever tasted one.  The orange cream was the clear winner in my book.

Evette from Pretty Writing.com was on hand as well.   The only downside of knowing someone who does such amazing calligraphy is it makes my handwriting seem just that much worse than I normally think it is.

I also ran into an old friend, Lindsey who used to be with Bridalize and is now an event designer with Catering by design.   Hoping we get the chance to work together in the future.

Also bumped into Tracy from A Touch of Class Music.  While I’ve seen some of the companies strings at various weddings I didn’t realize the range of offerings they had.   Must admit I’d love to be at an event where the High Voltage quartet is playing, their playlist includes Led Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Styx, Journey, Heart and Coldplay.   Sounds like my iPod on strings.

And of coruse some new people as well.

April of A New Taste Sensation Chocolate Fountain.  The guy who is always working on his diet part of me thinks these things should be outlawed.  🙂  Not that I ever touch those at weddings though – I’m paranoid about getting chocolate in my “L” lens.   I’m sure the techs at Canon would love to see $2000 worth of glass sent in to get the chocolate out of the focusing ring.

Julie Gremli of Little White Dress bridal shop.  Hate to say this but I realize I don’t often find out where my brides got their dress and if it’s by a specific designer.   Time to rework that form I think.

Jessica of Pink Champagne Events.

Chelle of Priority One Events

Corina  of Amber Creek Weddings and Events.

Three great planners in the area that any bride would be blessed to have not only helping design and organize but to run the day of the event.   Brides should be able to sit back and experience their big day, not deal with the minute details of it.

Sure there’s other’s whose cards I neglected to get and I’ll feel sheepish that I missed them.    But all in all it was great to get out and talk to some people in the industry (weddings) but in different fields (i.e. not all photographers).