The Importance of a Picture

As a photographer I browse a lot of blogs and websites, and everyone once in a while I find something that moves me so much I have to share it.   I this case it’s not that the image is so moving, but rather that the simple message is so important for us all to remember.

In his post Scott Kelby said,

I think this can remind us of the importance of using photography to preserve the story of our families and heritage. Sometimes we can get caught up in only pulling out our camera when we’re “going out to shoot,” whether it’s a studio portrait, a sporting event, a birthday or holiday, or any other thing that we get excited about. But it’s easy to overlook the everyday moments like this that can end up being the most important and meaningful times that become the stories we tell our children and grandchildren.”

That really sums it all up to me.   The rock star images, the drama, the oohs and aaws, while great and wonderful they all pale compared to a something that preserves the story of the person or family that become the stories we share with future generations.

I hope you enjoy this short video as much as I did.

Be sure to check out RC’s blog, he’s got some great inspiration as a photographer and storyteller.