Friday Favorites – Wish I took that – Steve Jobs

I wanted to take a break this week from simply looking at one of my past photos and instead share a photo that deeply touched me and that while I didn’t take, I certainly wish I had and think it’s the one I would have taken if I’d had been there.

While working on yesterdays post on Steve Jobs I of course came across many pictures of him. Being as pictures is how I relate to the world I did loose a fair piece of my day just looking at some of the striking images of the man who had such a big impact on my life.

Of course the photo Apple chose to use as their memorial photos is a striking image of Steve Jobs. Thoughtful and strong this is likely how the world at large will remember him.

Of course then there are the endless magazine covers. His trademarked black long sleeve shirt and jeans, a casual look yet he managed to make it seem the uniform for all things he did Apple related.

And then I stumbled across these two images of Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene. Taken at the Apple Worldwide Developers conference earlier this year in Mascone West by Lea Susuki for the SF Chronicle. . This was just after Steve delivered what would be his final keynote address.

The image of Steve Jobs just resting his head against his wifes, this simple image blows the others away. This is the image I love the most, the image I wish I took, the image that made me break down and cry over the loss of a person I never personally met.

While the other images capture so much of who he was to the world, this one captures who he was to the person to the person who mattered most. He was a husband and father. He loved and was loved in return.

Considering my passion about wedding photojournalism I guess it’s no surprise that this is the image that speaks to me the loudest and strongest and makes me think of the man behind the icon.  While the iconic image is how the world will remember him, it’s that quiet moment that will be how his loved ones remember him.

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  • I really appreciated these last two photos of steve and know exactly what you meant. A perfect canded moment between him and his loved one will beat an amazing portrait 9 times out of 10. Amazingly powerful.