Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday – Me and Becker 3 years later

Last week we had a huge treat for Denver area photographers, three Denver photo groups Mile High Photographers, Pictage User Group, and Smugmug User group joined their meetings together and hosted [b] or Becker – a photographer from California who besides running a great wedding photography business devotes a huge amount of time towards helping all photographers either with his speaking engagements or through the b school.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Becker a few years back when I was still working on how to grow my wedding business and found the day very informative and looked forward to chance to meet up with him again.

becker speaking in Denver

The only downside might have been the speed in which Becker had to run through the presentation – I don’t know if he took more than a few breaths during the next 90 minutes.   He had to rush it a bit since the photographers where off to the second big event of the night.

Anna Be: Five

One of Denver’s finest bridal boutique’s Anna Be is one of the must visit places for brides dress shopping, and their 5 anniversary celebration was also this night, and do these people know how to throw a party.

One of my favorite parts of this party for myself was the fact that bamboo booth was on site with their photo booth. It’s a known fact that I’m a photo booth junkie and add to the mix lots of other photographers to pose with and I’m all in.

What – you thought I’d waist a lot of paper and pixels posing with the old guy photographers – not if I have a lot of cute young photographers around instead.  In this instance Erin and Kelsey helped out to make this one worth printing.
Now I did have one photo done with another male photographer and despite the lack of attractive ladies I still love it since it shows the contrast from the first time I met Becker back in 2009.  Since then we’ve both lost some pretty significant weight – between the two of us about equal to a NFL linebacker – and no I’m not exaggerating on that one.
Here’s the 2011 shot
and then here’s the shot Becker took of me three years ago along with the shot I took of him.
Becker - California photographer
What I really love about the change we’ve both gone through is we’ve followed different paths.   We both found something that works for us and we’ve been able to stick to – and with amazing results.     The biggest downside is I used to use that headshot Becker took of me all the time, it was one of my favorites – but know nobody would recognize me from that shot just a few years ago.
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  • wow! what a difference 3 years makes. i am so proud of both of us. keep it up bud! great seeing you last week!