Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday – On the scale to Busy Calendars

I just need to go on the record and say that it’s entirely unfair that just as I get the few pounds off I gained over vacation that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.   I’m mean come on now – give me a break will yeah.   Sure I’ll pull those off in a few weeks as well, just in time for Christmas Dinner I’m afraid.  🙂

Still not one to throw in the towel so I think every day this week will include a 5k+ run just to try and get ahead of the curve a bit.


September – Going once – Going Twice

It seems things run in batches around here.   The last few weeks have been awesome for new contacts on 2012 weddings – but at least half of them are for September weddings.   Many all on the same day.   Just a reminder to those with meetings – a day isn’t yours on our calendar until we have a contract and retainer in hand.

Of course the nice thing is I’ve been able to refer some wonderful couples to some other great photographers here in town on the days I’ve already booked.