Thanksgiving with treats from Intricate Icings

The last two years of healthy eating and weight loss probably gets most challenging for me around the holidays.   On Thanksgiving I LOVE my wife’s home made pumpkin pie, unless that is she modifies the recipe to be low calorie – just ain’t the same.   This year we where looking to do something different that would allow us to splurge a little bit the one day without eating left over pie for the next several days.

Enter Intricate Icings Cupcakes.  I’ve been a friend of one of Colorado’s most amazing cake artists Rachael Teufel for a few years now and when I saw the holiday cupcakes cakes my wife and I opted to jump on the idea.   Treat ourselves to something amazing that day and then no leftovers to haunt our calorie intake for the rest of the week. 🙂

We picked up plenty of extra’s for some friends and neighbors and received nothing but rave reviews.

Intricate Icings Cupcake PhotosIntricate Icings Cupcake Photos

As a matter of fact it seemed everyone in the family was excited to see these cupcakes on the table – even if none of them where meant for them.

Intricate Icings Cupcake Photos

Porthos – Back away from the cupcakes.

Intricate Icings Cupcake Photos