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Off Season Studio Work – J-Chan’s Designs Recycled Collection

One of the challenges for wedding photographers in Denver is the seasonal nature of weddings in Colorado.   During the winter months the outdoor venues back off and weddings in general decline.   So while things are intense and crazy in the summer, the winters really wind down.

During the slow time I tend to go back to the studio and work on either personal art projects, commercial work, or reconnect with some of my friends in the fashion area.

I this case it was working with Jessica of J-Chan’s Designs. Besides countless features in magazines her resume includes work on several music videos, television shows, and an upcoming movie.  So it was a huge treat to shoot her “Recycled Collection” over a series of several studio sessions over the last few months.   Much of this work has already been picked up and published in various alternate style magazines and sites.

I’ve known Jessica for years, well before I made the shift into wedding photography, but she’s been such a great friend and supporter that I also welcome the chance to work with her on one of her fashion projects – I know it’s always going to be visually stunning – everything she does is.

If you’re interested in this kind or stuff be sure to also visit the J-Chan’s Designs page on Facebook.

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