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Season of Personal Projects

Personal projects are for an artist the chance to explore their medium and create art purely for the sake of creating art.  It gets those creative juices flowing and allows us to explore new things, think outside of the box and take risks with our art that we might not ever do when working for a client.  I don’t to a lot of experimentation when a couple has commissioned me to document their wedding for example – maybe a few shots here and there, but only after the main work is done.  So personal projects are where that experimentation first gets done – if I find something that works and I think it might translate to my wedding photography then I’ll hone my skills with it to the point that during the wedding I’m not spending time on shots and techniques that I’m not sure will work.

Last year I had one of my backup cameras modified to shoot in full time infrared – these create stunning B&W images.   Here’s an example of part of the church that is next door to my studio.

South Broadway Christian Church

Now I’d played with the camera in studio before, but always in B&W mode and frankly under studio lights it just wasn’t that impressive – not much different than a high contrast B&W I could have done with any of my cameras.

Well during the off season this year I went into the studio and used the infrared camera on several projects in color infrared mode – and found something amazing.

Now I’m not saying I’m going to start turning out wedding images looking like this – this look still requires some studio light to pull off – but after a few months working on this project I think my ability to use the IR camera in color or B&W in any situation has increased greatly.   I’ll do a follow up post at some point with more on this project.


One of my other things I’ve been working on is working with my Fujifilm X-100 camera.  I love using this camera as a walk around camera – it’s image quality is amazing and it’s styled very similar to the first cameras I learned to shoot B&W film on, way back in the 70’s.   Of course and trip around the studio neighborhood is going to involve heading down Broadway to The Bardo Coffee house.   Wonderful coffee, great services, and how could I not love a coffee shop that has chalk artwork of a Rollei  camera next to the menu.


Of course sometimes on Broadway you find some other interesting signs on the sidewalk.



Of course when catching up on episodes of Glee I was thrilled to see Brittany using a Fujifilm X100 to snag a shot in the hallway on a recent episode.   Shame she left the lens cap on. 🙂   In all fairness this isn’t a “TTL or Through the lens viewfinder” style camera so that’s pretty easy to do if you’re not careful and I’m sure the actress didn’t realize it nor was it caught by the crew.  Of course it cracks me up to think that if Rachael and Finn had gotten married they could have had the worst examples of “a friend with a camera took our wedding pictures” ever.  Each and every one of them totally black.




Another recent project has been to repaint the class and client meeting areas of the studio.   While I’ll save the photos for another post I did want to share how much work scrubbing 600sqft of tile floor thats even older than I am can be.

This is a near record day for calorie burns