Taste of Dunafon Castle – Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite perks of being a featured Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer is getting to attend the “Taste of Dunafon” open houses that are put on up there about 3 times a year.   The spring one is always my favorite, something about walking the castle grounds after the long winter really gets the mind thinking about the wedding season just starting to bloom just as the trees and flowers are starting to show up at the castle.

One thing I do want to stress about the “Taste’s” is that they aren’t really a bridal show, this isn’t a sales event for me.   Most clients book their photographer shortly after they have their venue and date finalized.   Most couples have already talked to the event manager, Annie, up at the castle – so I know she’s told them about me.  If they didn’t already have a photographer in mind and liked my work – chances are I’ve already talked to and booked them.   If I haven’t then they either already had someone in mind, or my style of wedding photojournalism just doesn’t appeal to them and they are looking for something more tradition or more fashion-esque for their wedding photos.   Whatever the case may be most people at these tastes already have their photographer booked.

So if it’s not for the chance to book a few more weddings why do I bother to go to these events every time they are held?

  1. A chance to hang out at the castle.   I’m not lying when I say Dunafon Castle is my all time favorite wedding venue and I won’t pass up a chance to just walk the grounds and enjoy just being there if it is given to me.
  2. To be of service to Annie, the event manager at Dunafon Castle.   I love being able to talk to couples, regardless of their choice for photographer, about the site and photo options available.   This time I had a big screen TV up there connected to a few hundred photos from the past few seasons so I could show couples the various ceremony sites, places for portraits, etc.   It is always a pleasure to be off assistance to these couples without turning it into a sales pitch.
  3. To hang out with couples I’ve already booked.   There is usually around 2-4 of my booked clients or brides at these events for the current season – it helps build the excitement just walking around and talking about their plans for the big day.

Also on hand for the event was:

Three Tomatoes Catering

Scot Conti with Bamboo Booth

Amy from Spalon

Here’s a few shots from the most recent “Taste”   (I also had a pair of film cameras up there that I took a few shots with – I’ll post those once I fill up the rolls and get them developed).