New Studio Basic Wedding Album

Before the start of every season I review the companies I use to produce my wedding albums, coffee table books and guest signature books, looking to see if I can find ways to better offer value to my clients yet still maintain a good level of quality.  This year I decided to make a few changes.   So far I’ve only ordered one new Studio Basic album, and I ended up giving that one to Dunafon Castle to keep up there – but I should have more samples in the studio by the end of June.


So here’s some shots comparing the old album, this one is a 12″ with the new one – in this case a 10″ but it is available as a 12″ as well.


One thing I really love the about half again as many leather color choices and the option to do imprinting on the album cover – something the old one didn’t offer at all.

The new album also truly does lay flat from day one – where the old one – well not so much. One of the reasons for this is the new album does have a very small split across the page seam – it’s very minor and designs will be done with this in mind to make sure nobody has a line through their face in a layout. 🙂And of course most important is the print quality for both color and black and white photos is still excellent.