Furry Scurry – When Wedding Photographers assist local non-profits

As a lot of people know I have a long history with one of the largest and best animal welfare groups in the region, The Dumb Friends League.  Being their IT manager for 15 years before my passion for photography and most importantly wedding photography, became too strong not to pursue it full time.  But still I’m back there a few times a year helping out how I can.


This year both myself and my #1 associate photographer Dain where on hand to help out at the Furry Scurry fundraiser last month. With just over a million dollars raised it was a huge success for the league and a lot of fun for us.

Most of the day is spent documenting the amazing work by the staff and volunteers, sponsors and the thousands of participants.


It’s amazing to see all those dogs in one place.   Most where walking on their own with their human companions.


Some had some snazzy wheels that they where chauffeured around in.

and some had their own custom sets of wheels to keep them from sitting the event out on the sideline.

of course with all this money I spend on top of the line equipment it’s not to push those focus tracking computers and 10 frames per second to the limit once in a while, although I’ve seen some ladies dashing for the bouquet over the years that push the gear to the max.


And yes up in the cherry picker is Dain himself.   Now those of you who remember the Extreme Rock Climbing engagement session last year might see a pattern here.  Dain taking the high and precarious position while I take the solid ground.   I assure you however I did not choose this assignment for him.  No really.   But of course if the choice was mine I’m sure I’d still be showing you the exact same picture here. 🙂

Now I’m still sure many of you are wondering what skills a team of Denver’s finest wedding photographers can really bring to a non-profit fundraising event for animals.

Well the differences between photographing the Furry Scurry and a luxury wedding might not be as many as you’d think.

The race start for example is amazingly similar to the buffet rush when the venue doesn’t release guests by table.

and while I love a good first dance shot most brides and grooms don’t have anything over the fancy footwork of these dancers


and finally, who else but a wedding photographer could react and catch a loving kiss in all it’s, err glory.