Film at Dunafon Castle

Earlier this year a bunch of local photographers got together and we played with film camera’s.   Mine had been packed away for most of a decade – but I brought them out, cleaned them up and found some fresh batteries for them – most seem to be working pretty well – although I might send in a few of my old AE-1’s for cleaning.    I also added something new to my film collection, a Mamiya 645 Pro medium format outfit.

Of course being bitten by the film bug again meant taking a few things to weddings this season.   By no means am I putting down the digital bodies – they still do the bulk of the work and all the heavy lifting – but from time to time I’m grabbing either the medium format or a 35mm film body to snap a few shots from the perspective.


Here’s a shot from from the lab from Rachel and Tyler’s wedding a few weeks ago up at Dunafon Castle.  Still waiting on the rest of the film from that weekend, but as a peek I love this image.


Dunafon Castle

Friends and Family: There will be a separate “They shoot film don’t they” gallery of the film images viewable with the entire collection.