Sara’s Dress Fitting – Bringing a Denver wedding photographer to the dress trial fitting

A few months ago I posted a teaser image of one of my summer brides, Sara, and her dress fitting.   Well with the wedding finished and edits and film in process it is finally safe to share a few more images from that day.

I often offer my wedding clients the chance to shoot again at significantly reduced rates – most clients take advantage of this for maternity and baby photos, sometimes anniversary photos, but it’s really for anything that the client would like documented.   I even used to call these “anytime sessions” since it was for “anytime you want a photographic record of the event”.

For Sara I tagged along to her dress fitting with her mom, maid of honor and her fiancé’s mom.   This was pretty special even to Sara since her dress was a custom order so it really was the first time she tried it on.

Now this is the crop I posted on the teaser.


Here’s the full shot.

Getting this shot was pretty easy – I was hiding behind the curtain on the dressing room next to Sara’s and opened it up just enough to grab this shot of the reactions with her reflection in the mirror – without being center stage myself.  You can just see the reflection of my arm in the mirror next to her.

Of course a few of my favorite photos of the day where shot on an old manual focus film camera using Tri-x 400 B&W film.

Here’s a few more shots from the day.


My thanks again to the wonderful staff down at Something New Boutique in Colorado Springs.    I’m pretty sure not every bride shows up with a photography carry a variety of camera’s but they took it all in stride and gave my client some wonderful service and experience for the first time she tried on her dress.


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