Nate and Ange’s wedding – some film shots

A while back I posted some of the shots from Nate and Ange’s wedding – the 105 degree day wedding.   Well today I got back some of the film I shot at that wedding and wanted to share a few.

Mamiya 645 Pro medium format camera shooting Fuji 400H film.


Mamiya 645 Pro medium format camera shooting Fuji 400H film.


Canon EOS 3 – 35mm camera shooting Fuji 400H film.


Fuji GA645 medium format (seriously – it’s a medium format point and shoot – starting to love this thing) shooting Kodak T400CN B&W film.


And one of my absolute favorites:

Canon AE-1 (a 35+ year old fully manual 35mm film camera – what I learned to shoot on WAY back when)  shooting Kodak Tmax 3200 pushed to 6400.

Since this wasn’t a real wedding venue but a home – the light for dancing was a set of home depot style work lights pointing at the side of a white building and bouncing back to the dancing area.   While some shots where option on the digital cameras using flash units to assist with focus and radio controlled flash units on the edges – getting a focus lock on fast moving dancers was still at best hit or miss.

So I figure lets go old school and run it manual all the way.   This one is manual focus and exposed, no flash (even though I can get the AE-1 to fire the radio remotes – with that high speed film it would have been tough to balance it back down), just the ambient light.   To me this shot captures the ambiance of the backyard dancing more than anything else I took that night.

  • Beautiful pictures! Congrats Nate & Ange!

  • What lens were you using with the Mamiya?

  • Mark Hayes - Denver Wedding Photographer

    Most of the Mamiya where on the 80mm F1.9 N lens.