Roadside Memorial for Aurora Theater Shooting – a photographers record

This has been the start of a personal project for me.  Most of the time when I take pictures and tell stories it’s of joyous occasions, this story is of a variety of conflicting emotions at the other end of the spectrum.

Over the past several weeks I’ve made many trips here.   The national media trucks have left.  The crowds are smaller.  Yet the stories remain.

These images have been taken with a wide variety of cameras over the last few weeks – all film except for the last few which are off my infrared camera which is digital but with a Holga lens attached to the front end of it.

The double exposures – a quirk of a failing film back on a medium format camera – but the chaotic results are very fitting I think.

This is just a handful of the images from there – still trying to decide what to do with the rest – but for now here’s a few.


Let it be.

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  • Very poignant, Mark. Well done.