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Jill and Jason – Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Photographer

They say it’s lucky if it rains a little on your wedding day – well I hope Jill and Jason have been buying lottery tickets then because they’ve got some serious luck coming their way.   Actually Jill blames me for the rain – see I told her how a bit of rain really makes…

  • That is pretty awesome! What did you do to make it “more” weatherproof? Did you guys have umbrella hats for yourself? Or rain coats? Impressive work. =)

  • Jill McCarthy

    Mark, Thank you so much for capturing our fairy tail in the rain. The pictures look great! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so happy it rained on our wedding day!
    Thanks again for the memories,
    Jill McCarthy

  • Mark Hayes - Denver Wedding Photographer

    We should have been so lucky to have umbrella hats or raincoats. Fortunately most Nikon equipment is fairly weather resistant so Dain was in good shape. For my Canon gear the 1DmkIV can survive a lot worse than most Colorado rain storms can offer, it was a little steep for the 5DmkII so my wide camera was the Canon EOS 3, film body from the late ’90s – fully weather sealed and the best autofocus system canon made up until the 1DmkIV came out (blows away my 5D mkII).

    As for me and Dain – well we where soaked all the way through pretty much.