Candace and Daves Halloween Wedding – Denver Wedding Photographer


At first glance some people might not think this is my “typical” wedding and bride and groom, but those people would be wrong.   See my weddings are all about emotion and family, documenting a special day for family and future generations, and in this case the bride Candace isn’t just a client – but she’s family.   While our family trees might not directly cross branches, there’s a handful of people in this world that mean so much to me I consider them family regardless of minor details like that, and Candace (and her family) are indeed in this group.

My earliest photos of Candace go back well before digital cameras to my film days – as you can tell I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of black and white.  The image on the left dates back to somewhere around 96~98 and the one on the right is around ’00~01.

Candace is also one of my “birthday buddies” sharing the same birthday – although  I must admit I had it a LONG time before she did.  What’s really interesting is that her now husband Dave – also share’s a birthday with my wife.

Of course speaking of my wife she adores Candace as well and her gift to her for her wedding was to make the corset she wore with her dress, Candace’s mother made the skirt.

Of course despite the theme there are several universal truths about weddings.   The girls always have fun while getting ready.


and the look of emotion in the bride or grooms face can tell the story of their love for each other in a single shot.

The Mercury Cafe provided a wonderful backdrop for the event.

Being a close friend of the family one of the shots I wanted to get for them was a simple portrait, four generations.

Of course a lot of couples have a live band perform at their wedding.  In this case Stellar Corpses but on an amazing live performance.


and of course with a wedding like this it was fun to change up the slideshow just a touch and use Electric Skull by Surfer Zombies for the music.