I’ve Moved – sort of

Recently I made a big change in the business – I’ve obtained a business office for meetings, editing, and day to day operations.    I’m still have the studio downtown, but now I’m only there when either shooting in studio or teaching.

So the new location is:

2821 South Parker Road
Suite 153
Aurora, CO 80014



So why the change?

Well for starters having meetings at the studio was a beginning to be a bit of a hassle.  Since it’s not only a shared studio, but mostly a teaching studio, I had to schedule around classes.   I also had to hope that the students and instructors from recent classes remembered to clean up.   After finding my meeting area used for a lunch room on more than one occasion without being cleaned I decided the best option was to obtain a meeting space that was not shared in any way.

It’s also really nice to get the business office (bookkeeping, editing, correspondence, etc) out of my spare bedroom. I do find myself more productive when working at the new office instead of just in my basement.

It’s also a nice break to just turn off the computers and go home  instead of losing track of time and spending all day and half the night glued to the computer.