Sonya and Andrews Film Save the Date Session

Sonya and Andrew’s engagement session was mostly just a quick little session to get some photos for their “Save the Date” notices of their September wedding.   Since they had already planned on doing their “save the date” in black and white we shot most of the session in B&W, and most of it on B&W film to boot.

So we met at a park near their venue (to sneak a shot or two of it in the background) and had some fun.

Cameras for this session included:

My 1958 Rollieflex 2.8E   Medium format – 6×6 centimeter negatives (about 4x’s the size of 35mm I think) and one of my favorite cameras these days – no auto anything and takes some wonderful images.   All the square photos are from this camera.

My late 70’s Canon AE-1  This is the type of camera I learned how to shoot on back in high school.

Just to cover a little bit of the digital side I also had my Fuji XPro-1 with me shooting B&W.  Something that has also become a favorite due to it’s amazing image quality and style and use that reminds me of an old film rangefinder.