A Taste of Dunafon Castle – March 2013 top wedding venue open house

A few times a year one of Colorado’s best wedding venues, Dunafon Castle, has an open house event for people who booked the castle for their upcoming wedding, and as a featured photographer for the venue it’s been a ongoing tradition to attend this event each time it’s setup.

For me my attendance really isn’t much of a point of selling to clients – this isn’t a bridal fair.   Lets be honest most couples will book their photographer first as soon as the venue is booked.   For me it’s a great chance to connect with those clients who have already booked me for their wedding and hang out a bit in the spot where we’ll be photographing their wedding in a few months.

Of course this time of year there’s still a few reminders of the recent holiday season.


and of course over the years I’ve become a recognized guest as far as the “castle mastiff” is concerned and he had to come visit with me a bit when he saw me walking the grounds.


and of course sometimes something as simple as a small vase of dried flowers in a window can distract a photographer for many minutes as they explore the subject from various angles and exposures.


Of course I wasn’t alone in being a recommended vendor up there this week.

Bamboo Booth was also on hand – one of my favorite wedding photo booths.

Dori from Stems Flower Shop in Evergreen also brought by some of her wonderful bouquets and centerpieces to add some color to the room.


The team from Painted Bench Catering was on hand with some light snacks – loved the tomato soup and grilled cheese.


Top the evening off with a few amazing cakes from Das Meyer and you’ve got a pretty well rounded evening.


As much fun as these “taste’s” are – I must admit I’m really looking forward to this summer and some of the amazing weddings that will be up there this summer.