The Fuji X100s is the answer

When the question is what do you do when your bride and groom decide to hit a bar in the middle of Breckenridge after their ceremony for a cool one.

Well that’s exactly what Mark and Melody decided to do.  After the ceremony we hopped in a vehicle and made our way to the Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge.

Now while the last article I wrote was on the joys of film, this one is all about digital and to be specific the Fuji X100s.   I’ve been a big fan of the Fuji X series of cameras since the first X100 was introduced, and part of it is in their design.   As a film camera buff I am used to and love the external controls and the ease in controlling exposure.   They look and feel like film cameras in the hand, even the sensor is designed to capture data more like film does.  Currently the X100s and X-Pro1 are both in my working kit and see extensive use on weddings, engagement and portrait session, and even just every day and street photography.   If I ever have a client want all film, I could replace my Canon digitals with film easily enough, but these two cameras would still be in my bag.

So why did I choose this one camera for this part of my clients wedding day?

Well for starters it’s a subtle camera – perfect for those photojournalistic moments.  It doesn’t gather any more attention than someone using a smartphone, and since it doesn’t have a mirror, much like the ranger finder cameras that it’s designed after, it’s almost totally silent. Now if I pull out the big Canon with a white lens and the mirror slap is anything but super quiet – yeah not so subtle.

It’s high ISO capabilities are some of the best I’ve ever seen.   Much better images at ISO 1600-6400 than I could get out of my Canon digitals or black and white film pushed to those speeds.

The simplicity of the gear also gets out of my way, it lets me tell the story, not spend a lot of time reviewing the back of the camera to see how the flash is handling this lighting situation.   The Fuji X series cameras have become my goto tool when I want to tell a story and disappear into the background of the wedding day.   The getting ready, reception, and parts of the ceremony even when I want that quiet capture in a church that resemble and echo chamber, the X100s and the X-Pro1 are what you’ll most like find in my hand.



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