Ed and Theresa’s Wild Basin Lodge Wedding

Over the last several weeks I’ve been working on a new front page to the site, something that touches on what is truly important and special about a wedding day and how my style of photography works with that.  What I’ve been coming up with is that it isn’t the dress, the flowers, the glamour, the dancing, the non-stop party, what it is – is being surrounded by your friends and family as you celebrate the fact that in this big world you’ve found someone to share your life with.

Ed and Theresa’s wedding summed that up perfectly – they had found each other, fallen in love, and wanted to celebrate that and share it with the people that mattered most to them.  Of all the weddings I’ve covered over the years, big and small, elegant and simple, this is most like how my own wedding was over 26 years ago with my wife and all I can wish for Ed and Theresa is that 26 years down the road they are still as happy as I am.

The butterflies seemed to not want to get out in the heat very much.

Unless it was to land on Ed’s jacket.


I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record this season but again it seems the only regret I have over the actual film I used up there was I didn’t use enough of it and as usual they are among my favorite of the photographs.


And of course the slideshow



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