Cynthia Portrait Session – Film and Digital

Many years ago when I did more studio work I used to call my portrait style “Relationships“, nowadays I see  these called “beloved” or “connections” sessions.   It’s a style I’ve used in a lot of my engagement and wedding work over the years.  One thing I’ve often liked about this style is less emphasis on great big smiles and more on emotions and as I said back in 2008 “it’s all about the connection”.

Sometimes that somber look works all too well even if working with one subject.   This photo session with Cynthia is just one example of that.

Used a mix of film and digital   Film bodies ranged from medium format to old 35mm, the film chosen was form a collection of expired films for it’s subtle look – not something I use often, but sometimes it’s perfect – although I tend to prefer the Kodak Portra 160 and 400 I used at most weddings.   Digital was the Fuji Xpro-1, but I was using only a 30+ year old Canon film lens borrowed from my AE-1 – regardless of film or digital is was a manual focus all the way day.