Aurora Still Stands – Remembering Aurora

It’s always tragic when you hear of some senseless act of violence in the news.   But when it happens in your back yard it just makes it that much harder to wrap you mind around it.   I think part of the problem we face is trying to understand things that make no sense at all.  We struggle to cope.   Try and make sense of it in any way.   We look for some piece of understanding to help us deal with the pain we are feeling.

It’s hard for us to do this alone, so we come together.

Within hours after the city woke up to hear about the Century theater shootings the roadside memorial in the vacant field across the street began to grow.   Within days it took over the corner of the lot.   The road was lined with national news teams as the city left items at the memorial.

Over the days and weeks that followed I made many trips to the memorial.   It was my way to cope, to try and deal with the scope of it all.  I was never there alone.   Sometimes a handful, sometimes scores, but always other people also trying to come to terms with it.

As a photographer I had always chosen my personal projects, but this time I felt it chose me.   Each time I came out there I brought a different camera with me, SLR’s, rangefinders to medium format.  I shot this project all on film, some black and white, some color, and at least 4-5 different labs processed this film.

I’ll be back out there sometime today, I think it’s time to take the next set of photographs for this project.

9 News is doing a series of stories on Remembering Aurora.   If you haven’t seen these you should – the ones on the police officers transporting victims in their patrol cars and the ER’s that received these patients are very moving.